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Source: Seven families allege they put down deposits for work that was never started Isha Bhargava   ·  CBC News  ·  Posted: Sep 27, 2022 5:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour ago Lisa Davis says her roof was damaged from the work done by AJF Construction and every season during the rain, her roof leaks. (Submitted by Lisa Davis) When Lisa Davis and Neil Mutch, of London, Ont. decided to hire someone to update their home in the spring of 2021, they had no idea that more than a year later, they'd be out of nearly $25,000 and stuck with damages from an unfinished job. The couple paid $35,500 as part of a 50 per cent deposit to London-based AJF Construction to have their roof redone and install a new door and windows. "It's every homeowner's worst nightmare," said Davis. "Anytime we reached out after paying the 50 per cent, there were no phone calls, no updates, nothing." T

More fraud by AJF Construction London, Ontario is being investigated

More fraud by AJF Construction London, Ontario is being investigated Andrew J. Fraser, the owner of AJF Construction in London, Ontario is a pathological liar. AJF Construction may have once had some integrity but as the two original business partners parted ways, Andrew J. Fraser ran the business into the ground. Andrew J. Fraser has used variations of the same story with several of his victims. Andrew will mention sourcing materials from specific vendors then claiming the materials arrived defective and that he will “personally” see to them getting fixed. This just buys the conman time. Unfortunately for Andrew, J. Fraser, he does not realize just how many people have been connected by his fraud and how word spreads. Victims, suppliers, related trades, public and private groups are aware of the fraudulent activity by Andrew J. Fraser of AJF Construction of London, Ontario. The specific vendors that Andrew has mentioned in written communication have denied that

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  AJF CONStruction London, Ontario Reviews AJF Construction London, Ontario has been stealing deposit money from people. There is an active Fraud investigation into the actions of AJF Construction of London, Ontario. If you have had your money stolen by AJF Construction, please keep reading. The owner of AJF, Andrew J. Fraser, has taken TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of deposits without buying any materials nor returning to do any work. Andrew J. Fraser systematically lies to his victims before completely “ghosting” them across a variety of communication channels. Andrew J. Fraser, the 31 year old of London, Ontario has used deposits from new victims to pay his other debts before he would cease all communication with the new victims. Andrew would tell people a series of lies over the course of months before ceasing an further communication. Browsing Andrew J. Fraser’s social media, it appears that he has also used the deposit money to fund his lifestyle, including at least 1